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deep dive MINDSET coaching SESSION

90-minute deep dive intensive for women
who are ready to take a big leap into
their next level self.

Who would you be if you could gain CLARITY,
especially around your identity and what you REALLY from life and your business?

How would you FEEL if you had a tool to help you be more CONFIDENT
when you speak with clients, get on sales calls or create your content plan?

How would you FEEL releasing nagging negative emotions and have a sense of freedom
to pursue your goals with more ease and ABUNDANCE?

 I’ve packaged together an incredible Single Session Intensive that’s designed to create incredible shifts during our time together!

We customize this call on based on specific goals you want to reach and/or any mindset blocks,
negative emotions or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

This is about YOU and YOUR success.

This provides us the chance to maximize our work together so you can walk away confidently with some incredible insights, tools and clarity that will give you the breakthrough you’re craving.
Let’s get to the root of the belief, habit or emotion that is holding you back!

Understand the value of mindset work and who are READY to invest their time and energy to make inner shifts that will positively impact their life and business (from the inside-out!)


These sessions are reserved  for boss babes who...

life and business?

Are you ready to invest in your 


Helps assess your current goal(s), push goal, current patterns/blocks to help maximize our time together. 

What   You'll  Get

Determine/Refine your North Star Destination
Aka your push goal - the one you're focusing on for the next 30-90 days that will have a snowball effect on all other goals. 

Create your "North Star Action Plan"
Together we will create timetables and bitesized action steps (you sign this Action Plan and it's a contract with yourself to follow through on your goal)

Change Work
This is where we bust through limiting beliefs, negative emotions, limiting decision and/or imposter syndrome - and also include some Energy Work!

2-Week Post-Session Support 
You'll receive a session recap email +
2-weeks coaching & support via Voxer

Goal Card Affirmation
Customized affirmation crafted around your specific goal for you to read every morning 

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Post-session support for
Single Sessions is unheard
of within coaching industry!


"Even though I barely knew her before my session, I felt like I knew her for a long time, and easily opened up to her. Vanessa allowed me to feel comfortable to share my story, and be vulnerable throughout my session. I am happy I made the decision to work with Vanessa because I received the clarity and confidence I needed to take the next step in my business. 

"Vanessa, I realized my core fears, and what was holding me back from making money. I am now taking the steps to be more present and visible online. I am choosing to make money in a way that feels authentic to me, and choosing to not let my fears get in the way of that."

Courtney |  RN & Wellness Coach

Find clarity and abundance
Complete the workbook prior to our call. Be ready for clarity and an action plan to implement.

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Here is exactly what to expect and how you can start the process:

What's the next step and how it works!


"Before working with Vanessa, I was feeling really discouraged about the direction of my business. I was struggling a lot with self-doubt, and anxiety about my capabilities of being a good leader, and running a successful business. When I learned about Vanessa's Abundance Accelerator program, I knew it was what I needed to in order to work through my fears and frustrations. I decided to take a leap, and it was truly one of the best decisions I have made. Vanessa has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, but at the same time let's you know it's time to work. She helped me uncover a lot of mental blocks that were preventing me from seeing personal growth. Since going through her program, I have found a lot of clarity, new passion and excitement -- and I am much more confident about the direction of my business. I would highly recommend working with Vanessa. Not only is she a joy to work with, but she is dedicated to serving her clients and truly goes the extra mile. I'm so glad that I took that initial leap to invest in this program. Vanessa's 1:1 calls are golden. I feel so much more confident in who I am, what I have to offer -- my vision, my personal goals, and how to overcome roadblocks when they arise."

Jenna S. | Plant Based Lifestyle Coach

"Before my time with Vanessa, I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. Vanessa helped me uncover the root cause of what was bothering me and why I wasn’t moving forward. During our session, I received a clear understanding of what I want in my business. I now have the confidence and clarity to move forward. Vanessa was so approachable and made me feel safe, seen, and heard. Working with Vanessa exceeded my expectations, specifically, when we did the anchoring, it was so powerful. Vanessa is a coach everyone should have in their life, she is exceptional!"

Louisse Perez | Louisse Social Media Coaching

Before my session with Vanessa, I was trying to get situated and organize my work priorities. I was also very preoccupied with a family problem. When working with her, she let me direct the conversation. When I decided to reroute the conversation, it was my choice and not because she steered me there. She did not dwell on what she thought was important, she listened to what I thought was important. For me, that demonstrates that she does not have a canned approach or only a limited ability to deal with only certain types of things; she did not try to fit my problems into her box. 
As a result, I have been able to stop wrestling with what to do with the difficult situation. Freeing up that mental and emotional space allowed me to get back to focusing on my work in the world, rather than expending time dwelling on an unresolved situation. 
Now, I can hold on to the direction I need to go, rather than holding onto a dynamic that was keeping me stuck. It's still an uncomfortable situation I have to work through, but the decisiveness of knowing for certain has freed up my mental space, which is more usefully directed toward my work. 
Vanessa facilitated the space and used techniques that helped me realize what was inhibiting my progress. She knew what I needed in order to move me into a different space. If you’re considering working with Vanessa, do it and go in with an open mind. 

Rebecca | Consultant