Are your dream clients flowing towards you with ease? Ask yourself these questions… When was the last time you spoke about your offer? Talking about your offer should be easy and exciting!! Are you FULLY confident in your program/service/launch? Think about… why would someone invest in your offerings if you aren’t fully sold on yourself?! […]

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5 Reasons You’re Not Attracting Dream Clients

Interested in becoming an online coach? Here are some things you should know… 1) Just because you’re a coach doesn’t mean you have a perfect mindset I think people think if you’re a successful coach that you have an invincible mindset 24/7, especially if you work in the mindset and sales space. But nothing can […]

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Online Coach

3 moves that got me where I am today… 1) I understood my soul’s purpose2) I invested immediately3) I failed forward. If you’re newer here you might not know that I’ve been in the coaching space for a while.Before I was a Business Alignment coach, I was a fitness coach and a damn good one […]

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Three Game-Changing Moves I Did as a New Entrepreneur

You might not like this truth bomb…💣 Here are the most common coaching mistakes I wish people would let go of already.😤 1) Charging less thinking it would make them more2) Saying “yes” to any type of client that comes their way3) Keeping goals small so they can’t “fail”4) Investing in multiple lower-level courses/programs because […]

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Truth Bomb

Does this sound like you? 🧐 〰️You’re constantly stressing about money and sales. 〰️You feel like your business isn’t booming enough to be able to invest in yourself and a coaching program. 〰️You hate the “sales ICKY factor”. So much so that you don’t like talking about your goals/wins/offers 〰️You’re afraid of investing in another […]

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Does This Sound Like You?

What is the hardest part about being a heart-centered coach/service provider that no one tells you about? 1. Mindset > Strategy I know you’ve heard that it’s really 15% strategy and 85% mindset. Your success truly depends on your Energy + Mindset being right rather than just strategy. As you’re up-leveling and stepping into unknown […]

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5 Things They Don’t Tell you About…

ARE YOU TRYING TO HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN? As heart-centered coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs … we often have difficulty growing our businesses simply because we want to help as many people as we can in life … usually FOR FREE. However, we often do this to the detriment of our business AND […]

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3 Limiting Beliefs Stopping You From Growing Your Business 

Your energy creates more of your reality than you think. ⁣⁠ You’re either operating from a place of fear (low vibe) or operating from a place of love (high vibe).⁣⁠ Sure, there’s sooooo many more emotions within each bucket,but to simplify things, it’s one or the other.⁣⁠ We all know fear is the opposite of […]

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3 Steps to Shift Away from a Negative Thought

Are you living life by DEFAULT?⁣⁣47% of the average person does.⁣⁣I used to 😕⁣⁣The problem with living on autopilot is that it leaves you sleepwalking through life’s moments making it difficult to make intentional decisions. ⁣⁣Instead of making CONSCIOUS choices about the clothes you wear, food you eat, people you spend time with, things you […]

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Are you living life by DEFAULT?⁣

You’re TOO deep…⁣⁠ That’s what someone said to me when talking about my content.⁣⁠ “Be a bit lighter,” they suggested.⁣⁠ Initially, I wanted to roll my eyes, 🙄 but I DID ask for their opinion on something specific. So NO eye-rolling allowed!🙅🏻⁣⁠ Here’s what I suggest YOU do anytime you ask for other people’s opinion:⁣⁠ […]

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“You’re Too Deep”