The Abundance Accelerator is a kickstarter hybrid coaching program to help boss babes rule their inner world in order to conquer their outer world.

Stop second-guessing yourself, and jump headfirst into creating the life and business of your dreams.

Start living more aligned, earning your worth, and creating magical & impactful waves doing what you know you were born to do!  

Discover your blocks, gain clarity on your true purpose and create a solid foundation for your influential and abundant brand. 

Imagine if you could...

You were born with the Entrepreneur DNA, you’re ready to stand out, step up, and majorly shift.

Those personal development books and feel-good affirmations just haven’t worked. You get it, but something hasn’t clicked.

Your heart is full of desire and purpose for so much more than the average 9-5 lifestyle.   

Does this sound like you?

It's time to step into your true power, and finally live with more freedom & Abundance.

Feel fierce as fire!

Were You Counting?
 That’s $1200 in Value … for an investment that is a fraction of that.

Personalized homework that will help you dig deep and work through self-limiting beliefs, old stories and fears in order to gain clarity and accelerate your growth and success

#AbundanceAssignments ($150 value) 

Mon-Fri for guidance and super-fast answers to all of your burning questions.

Voxer access ($350 value) 

Here you will receive mini-trainings + have access to ask all of your mindset questions with Vanessa. She's going to come with all the love, guidance, knowledge & motivation you need to take action. 

2 intimate group coaching calls ($300 value) 

These calls are very personalized to help you expedite your 2020 gameplan by uncovering mindset blocks preventing you from stepping into your full potential and levels of success you crave. 

2 (1:1) private coaching calls ($400 value) 

All coaching is directly from Vanessa to help you RISE UP and create more clarity, abundance and freedom in your life and business in 2020. 

4 weeks hands-on coaching and guidance 

What's Included

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Abundance accelerator


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Before working with Vanessa, I was feeling really discouraged about the direction of my business. I was struggling a lot with self-doubt, and anxiety about my capabilities of being a good leader, and running a successful business. When I learned about Vanessa's Abundance Accelerator program, I knew it was what I needed to in order to work through my fears and frustrations. I decided to take a leap, and it was truly one of the best decisions I have made. Vanessa has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, but at the same time let's you know it's time to work. She helped me uncover a lot of mental blocks that were preventing me from seeing personal growth. Since going through her program, I have found a lot of clarity, new passion and excitement -- and I am much more confident about the direction of my business. I would highly recommend working with Vanessa. Not only is she a joy to work with, but she is dedicated to serving her clients and truly goes the extra mile. I'm so glad that I took that initial leap to invest in this program. Vanessa's 1:1 calls are golden. I feel so much more confident in who I am, what I have to offer -- my vision, my personal goals, and how to overcome roadblocks when they arise. 

-Jenna S. | Plant-based Lifestyle Coach

Building a biz that makes you money, yet still allows you to breathe.

Attracting a steady flow of ideal clients that you love working with.

Creating more internal and external abundance through intentional action and manifestation.

Eliminiating blocks and reprograming your mindset for growth & success. 

Waking up each day with purpose, excitement and absolute alignment. 

Expediting & aligning your goals for 2020 by saying goodbye to doubt, worry and imposter syndrome so you can live in your zone of genius 

so you can...

The Abundance Accelerator is designed to help expedite and personalize your mindset game...

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Before I worked with Vanessa I felt a little confused about my business and how I was going to incorporate my goals into my coaching. I expressed that I am normally high energy and very productive, but when something negative happens, it shifts me and at times I become completely derailed. This causes me to feel motivated, which becomes a problem at home with my children and has even interfered with my work. My focus during the call was two fold: 1) I needed to get clear on ways to avoid motivation derailment, but also, 2) figure out how to exactly position myself in my business by incorporating multiple passions. 

Vanessa's clarity session was phenomenal. She helped me identify things I could do to #1-manage the negative emotions when they arise and #2-incorporate my life experiences with the passion I have for helping people overcome difficulties and mindset limitations in their lives. Since our session, I am clear and have started to do some of the things in the action plan we developed. I have also completed my homework assignments and am feeling very productive since our session. I highly recommend working with Vanessa. I'm so happy I made the decision to work with her because it’s helped me put a solid plan together.

Tiffani Reese | Grief Recovery & Wellness Coach

Are over the 'basic' mindset advice and hungry for tangible tools, science, and facts to back it up - you're ready to go DEEPER.

Are a motivated leader, and want more resources, support, and lessons to show how to skyrocket to the top by breaking old patterns and creating new ones that make success happen with ease, grace and flow.

Love the expansion that happens inside a mindset, spiritual + strategic container.

Are READY to take 1,000% responsibility for their life and future. 

is reserved for women who…

The Abundance 


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Because your life & business needs it!



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The Abundance Accelerator



What are the

Early BIrd  SPecial


Reserve your spot today for just 1 payment of

the investment

get on the waitlist

Abundance accelerator


Reserve your spot today for just 1 payment of (payment options avail.)


save $180