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Have you really stepped
into your power?


right in front of us.

Sometimes we can’t grasp what’s 


Your multi-passionate soul is full of ideas.
But your mind is stuck in analysis paralysis.
Your soul is full of heart and service.
But your mind has imposter syndrome.
Your soul is full of chasing your true purpose.
But your mind is unclear and has shiny-object syndrome.

Wouldn’t you like to have clarity in your life every day?

I get it. Those big dreams on your vision board seem just beyond your grasp. Truth is, the connection between your mind and soul could be getting in the way. Do any of these phrases sound like you?

you still feel stuck.

You’re doing all the right things, but 

My teaching style?
Nurturing, with a lil tough love

My sessions?
Create breakthroughs.

My clients?
Enlightened and fired up.

Throughout my career I’ve helped many courageous women embrace their true inner gifts and say “YES” to their goals and dreams.

 they’re inside of you.

The answers aren’t in front of you …

Let’s eliminate the outside noise and uncover what really

sets your soul on fire.

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Uncovering your soul’s purpose and what you truly want.
Identifying tools that help you shift out of negative thinking.
Identifying any unproductive patterns that you’re repeating.

Working through various methods that help you eliminate subconscious blocks.

In our work together, we will focus on:

No repetitious, empty or meaningless affirmations!
No B.S. advice on getting you to simply think happy thoughts!

No tutorials on how to make a pretty vision board!

Here’s what we will NOT be doing:

Don’t be hard on yourself. Your subconscious brain is designed to keep you safe, even if that means throwing up roadblocks when you step outside your comfort zone.

Together, we’ll work on that, step by step, unlocking your deeper strength until you’re completely empowered and in charge!

It’s never too late to adjust your course and rewrite your story.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to get rid of the mental clutter and lead your life with more alignment and what you define as successful?

it’s a beautiful one.

Change is not a painful process ...

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In my version of the famous quote, I want you to be fearless in the pursuit of your souls’ true purpose.
How does someone do this if they are feeling lost, overwhelmed, full of self-doubt or stuck on autopilot?

My clients crave more clarity, abundance and freedom in their life, but are operating from an external place, their external compass. They are either having major blocks, hitting goals and still living unfulfilled, or completely missing the mark because they’re chasing after empty goals.
That’s where I come in. I help ambitious boss babes like you uncover what’s holding them back, aligning them with their inner gifts so they can regain complete command of the path ahead. That means removing subconscious blocks, gaining clarity and aligning with their true purpose.

They walk away leading their life by their internal compass.

Hi ! I’m Vanessa

You’re ready to get in tune with your intuition and connect with the power of your spiritual side.

You’re ready to stop hiding behind your limiting beliefs to build that job, career, business that you’ve dreamed of.

You’re ready to say goodbye to doubt, worry and imposter syndrome … so you can START living in your zone of genius.

You’re ready for a caring partner who will keep you accountable, so you can finally stop dreaming and start doing.

You’re fed up with not having clarity on how to start, grow or market your business.

You’re ready to wake up each day with purpose, excitement and absolute alignment.

My coaching is right for you …


path to success

Find your 

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For optimal results, tons of 1:1 guidance and program-exclusive extras, my 90-day signature program is the best option to boost your impact, income and results. Less face it, ladies, the quicker you dive in the faster you’ll begin to claim the full potential of your life. 

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Schedule a single 60-minute deep-dive session focused on one specific trouble area of your life or business and we’ll start working on effective ways to help move forward victoriously. By dialing in on one area we can really delve deep into what’s getting your compass stuck.



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Every client is unique, which is why I offer multiple tools for getting that internal compass of yours working right. Here are three powerful ways I can work with you:

When I started working with Vanessa, I was feeling really stuck in my business. I thought I had to implement every strategy possible, yet my business wasn’t moving. Vanessa helped me uncover some really big negative beliefs and guided me through the process of shifting them. Vanessa has been a great mentor and friend and has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. She has helped me get really clear on the direction of my business. Vanessa is that coach who is always there, cheering you on, showing her support, and giving you guidance when you need it the most. I would recommend Vanessa in a heartbeat!

Beth Ramirez | Branding + Web Designer (3-Month 1:1 Coaching)

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Vanessa, after one session I couldn’t help myself but want to work with this beautiful human more! Vanessa pays close attention to detail, she is a true professional in what she does, she genuinely cares about her clients transformations and goals. She puts her heart and soul into the incredible shifts for her clients. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Vanessa I highly suggest you take it! She truly does touch lives everyday.

Adriana Foster | Practitioner & Coach (Single Session)

Vanessa is such an empathetic and friendly coach. She's extremely personable and easy to connect with. She led me through a number of NLP techniques and since then I've felt so much more high vibe and ready to go after the achievable outcomes we set together! Hello abundance :) 

Wendy Pu | Business + Mindset Coach

Before working with Vanessa, I was feeling really discouraged about the direction of my business. I was struggling a lot with self-doubt, and anxiety about my capabilities of being a good leader, and running a successful business. When I learned about Vanessa's Abundance Accelerator program, I knew it was what I needed to in order to work through my fears and frustrations. I decided to take a leap, and it was truly one of the best decisions I have made. Vanessa has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, but at the same time let's you know its time to work.

Jenna S. | Plant-based Lifestyle Coach

All I can say is, WOW!! Vanessa offered her life coaching services with me, to focus primarily on helping me find my purpose- something I have been all over the map with and very unsure about myself for years. I’m definitely one of those who are "stuck in the rat race" but I know there's more to life than this but I haven't known where to even start. Within our first 1 hour session, she probed into some deep (and in my case, 20-year-old) mental blocks and beliefs that have been preventing me from seeing my potential clearly. Actually, she accomplished this within the first 15 minutes and I was crying by the 20-minute mark! By the end of our first call, she brought me face to face with the realization of how much guilt, shame, unworthiness and fear of failure have been keeping me from even asking myself the simple questions; what are my gifts... what is my purpose?  

Erin Kraham | Mortgage Loan Professional

When I first started working with Vanessa I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t sure how to move forward. I was a “new” mom and a wife to a wonderful man but at the same time, I felt a bit lost and wasn’t even sure of where I was headed. I was looking to work on myself, get healthier and find new purpose in life. She not only helps with finding myself through my struggles, but she also showed me a new path where I get to feel empowered while working on my best self every single day! I would 100% recommend working with her, she is always open to help you find “that thing” that will make you overcome your insecurities and reinforce your God-given talents.

Thay Vasquez | Online Fitness Coach

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