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What's the #1 mindset block holding you back IN YOUR BUSINESS?

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right in front of us.

Sometimes we can’t grasp what’s 


Your multi-passionate soul is full of ideas.
But your mind is stuck in analysis paralysis.
Your soul is full of heart and service.
But your mind has imposter syndrome.
Your soul is full of chasing your true purpose.
But your mind is unclear and has shiny-object syndrome.

Wouldn’t you like to have clarity in your life every day?

I get it. Those big dreams on your vision board seem just beyond your grasp. Truth is, the connection between your mind and soul could be getting in the way. Do any of these phrases sound like you?

you still feel stuck.

You’re doing all the right things, but 

My teaching style?
Nurturing, with a lil tough love

My sessions?
Create breakthroughs.

My clients?
Enlightened and fired up.

Throughout my career I’ve helped many courageous women embrace their true inner gifts and say “YES” to their goals and dreams.

 they’re inside of you.

The answers aren’t in front of you …

Let’s eliminate the outside noise and uncover what really

sets your soul on fire.

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Uncovering your soul’s purpose and what you truly want.
Identifying tools that help you shift out of negative thinking.
Identifying any unproductive patterns that you’re repeating.

Working through various methods that help you eliminate subconscious blocks.

In our work together, we will focus on:

No repetitious, empty or meaningless affirmations!
No B.S. advice on getting you to simply think happy thoughts!

No tutorials on how to make a pretty vision board!

Here’s what we will NOT be doing:

Don’t be hard on yourself. Your subconscious brain is designed to keep you safe, even if that means throwing up roadblocks when you step outside your comfort zone.

Together, we’ll work on that, step by step, unlocking your deeper strength until you’re completely empowered and in charge!

It’s never too late to adjust your course and rewrite your story.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to get rid of the mental clutter and lead your life with more alignment and what you define as successful?

it’s a beautiful one.

Change is not a painful process ...

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In my version of the famous quote, I want you to be fearless in the pursuit of your souls’ true purpose.
How does someone do this if they are feeling lost, overwhelmed, full of self-doubt or stuck on autopilot?

My clients crave more clarity, abundance and freedom in their life, but are operating from an external place, their external compass. They are either having major blocks, hitting goals and still living unfulfilled, or completely missing the mark because they’re chasing after empty goals.
That’s where I come in. I help ambitious boss babes like you uncover what’s holding them back, aligning them with their inner gifts so they can regain complete command of the path ahead. That means removing subconscious blocks, gaining clarity and aligning with their true purpose.

They walk away leading their life by their internal compass.

Hi ! I’m Vanessa

You’re ready to get in tune with your intuition and connect with the power of your spiritual side.

You’re ready to stop hiding behind your limiting beliefs to build that job, career, business that you’ve dreamed of.

You’re ready to say goodbye to doubt, worry and imposter syndrome … so you can START living in your zone of genius.

You’re ready for a caring partner who will keep you accountable, so you can finally stop dreaming and start doing.

You’re fed up with not having clarity on how to start, grow or market your business.

You’re ready to wake up each day with purpose, excitement and absolute alignment.

My coaching is right for you …


path to success

Find your 

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For optimal results, tons of 1:1 guidance and program-exclusive extras, my 90-day signature program is the best option to boost your impact, income and results. Less face it, ladies, the quicker you dive in the faster you’ll begin to claim the full potential of your life. 

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A laser-focused call to help identify the #1 thing holding you back from achieving your #1 goal RIGHT NOW in this season of your business (OR getting clear on a big goal that excites you). This could be rooted in mindset, strategy or a combination of the two.




Join me on Instagram where each week I share valuable tips, resources and mini-trainings on mindset, strategy, spiritual life, everyday life ... and of course some fun and humor! It's like a blog meets social connection.


Every client is unique, which is why I offer multiple tools for getting that internal compass of yours working right. Here are three powerful ways I can work with you:

"Vanessa is a gentle pusher. I had the beautiful experience of seeing a heart-centered coach in action that I can now model myself after. I feel incredibly empowered by our work together. When I started with Vanessa, I was at a point in my business where I wanted to build, gain clarity, and decipher what type of coach I was called to be. As a result of my sessions with her, the ideas I previously held about how I would coach and build a business were blown up and illuminated. I gained a lot of clarity by going back to basics and getting in touch with my true gifts. I also got a lot of guidance about the next steps to take once I'm ready. I really love how she met me where I was at and guided me into deeper places when I least expected it. This experience was absolutely worth the investment, she had a lot of resources that I never even got to fully utilize! She had every base covered, which made me feel very held and guided. If you're considering working with Vanessa, only do so if you are truly ready for expansion. She will actively help you remove every internal block you have built to hinder your path to success. If you're ready for significant outer and inner shifts, Vanessa will hold your hand through the process! "

Deidre Scott | Owner of Return to Your Heart

"Vanessa helped me overcome many obstacles, taught me to simplify processes and helped me to gain clarity on what to focus on. The biggest help however, was the awareness on whether or not it was aligned with me - my values, purpose, mission etc. That was all very fuzzy before working together. My two biggest problems were lack of confidence and strategy. I felt I had so much to do, was overwhelmed, was lacking some confidence in what I offered and was in desperate need of feedback and strategies to overcome the setbacks I faced when on my own. Vanessa is relatable, kind, and has lots of insightful topics to share on her IG. Her superpower is empathy- understanding the needs of others and offering solutions (not one but many without overwhelming you). She has a nice and easy approach which is nice for many stressed and overwhelmed business owners. I am forever different as a result of our time together. She brought so much value to my business and myself personally. This has been the biggest and BEST investment I’ve ever made so far for my business. She helped me add a service I never considered and helped me brainstorm ideas when I felt stuck which was SO helpful for me. Vanessa is worth every penny and she has so much good to offer such as mindset, goals, strategy, tapping and other exercises! I recommended her to anyone who is feeling stuck and needs extra 1 on 1 guidance. "

Megan Nicole Smith | Virtual Assistant

"Prior to working with Vanessa, feeling motivated and clear headed was sometimes a struggle for me. Working with her has helped clear clutter from my brain that has led me to organize tasks and life events, making me excited to be better at business. I left each session feeling good about myself and like I have the confidence to take over the world. Vanessa's words have been like cement in my brain. I now think before I speak and am able to calm down before exploding. Vanessa is a problem solver and her programs aim to push through head on. If you’re considering working with her, be ready to make real change because it’s not something you can take for granted or lightly. Stumbling blocks are real and cause us to procrastinate and miss moments and opportunities! I am learning that I am worth the time and investment. If you want to be better you have to prioritize and find a way! Just think what you could accomplish if you just had the skills and tools to do so!"

Tanisha M Haggard | Diva's Kick 

"Before working with Vanassa, I had a lot of problems with my dreams and confidence issues. I came to Vanessa hoping to work on things related to past trauma and family issues that I think contributed to bad dreams. I didn't really know what I needed to solve initially, but Vanessa has helped me pinpoint things from my past and present that have influenced the way I think and also subconsciously think while I am dreaming and sleeping. From the very beginning, I connected with Vanessa. She is very personable, real, and talks to you like you are heard and seen. She speaks in a way that makes you feel valued and genuinely cared about. She was in-tune with what I was really feeling/experiencing deep down. Vanessa made me remember experiences/events during my life that I have buried deep down and forgot about that are affecting me now and I didn't realize it. Since my time with Vanessa, my mindset has changed completely. I have had confidence issues my entire life, and I have struggled with feeling like I am competent to be a business owner. Vanessa has helped me realize that I need to have more confidence in myself and not to depend or base my happiness/ feelings of success on other people's approval of me. I see more clearly what my perspective is related to other people and I now know where my boundaries are with my relationships and life in general. I have had so many AHA moments and realizations that I didn't even know could happen. She has helped me figure so many things out about my past, present and future going forward. If you're considering working with Vanessa or wondering if it is worth the investment just know that Vanessa is amazing, loving, supportive, and genuine and it definitely is. Not only are the sessions wonderful, Vanessa speaks to you as a human being and makes you feel comfortable, supported, loved and cared about. I love that I not only did 4 sessions with her at the beginning, but resigned for another 3 months. "

Jennifer Clarke | Clarke Courses Inc. 

"From the beginning, I noticed Vanessa's ability to talk freely and openly about her spirituality and relationship with God. From the very start of our time together she exceeded my expectations. At one point, I knew what it was like to have an abundance mindset, but then there was a month where 30% of my clients didn’t renew, which deeply affected my mindset and caused my mentality to enter a place of scarcity. Vanessa helped me shift my perspective and mindset about different things, she has also helped me feel more equipped to handle situations that may have previously made me feel anxious or made me spiral into a scarcity mindset. My abundance mindset is back and whenever I feel like it’s declining I can go back and use the activities and meditation she showed me. I hit my highest month of revenue during our time together and it is so great to have a coach that makes me feel safe and calm, plus, I know I can always lean on her when my mind is not in the right place. If there was one word I could use to describe her and her “superpower” it would be “connection”. Hiring Vanessa as my coach was 100% worth the money. She helped me in ways money can’t buy. No money can buy the feeling of being calm, aligned and connected with yourself. You get even more than what you pay for. "

Jamaica Cardeno | RX Virtual - Owner

"From the beginning, I was drawn to Vanessa because of her knowledge of the subconscious. Additionally, the spiritual aspect of her business really spoke to me. Before I decided to invest, I felt as if I was drifting through life. I had lost direction and motivation. Now, I have a renewed sense of purpose within myself and my business. I was able to let go of what was holding me back and was able to zero in on my talents. I have been able to pinpoint real and achievable goals which has helped me recommit to my business. My mindset has changed to be much more positive and I can now see myself as a success. I really love how Vanessa doesn’t give you the answers, she instead, helps you reflect by asking intentional questions that lead you to find your own answers. If you’re considering working with Vanessa know that it is hard work and a time commitment but definitely worth it! "

Melinda Demetroulis | Adaptive, LLC, COO

"I'm not one that opens up easily, you could say I have a mild case of control issues, and honestly I had my doubts as it take a lot for me to soften my shell. However, she was great at asking me thought provoking questions to get me out of my head to let go of control. Each of the probing questions helped me define and clarify why I had such a mind block. I’ve been in my corporate career for a long time, in leadership over 10 years, and given a new dynamic in the company I needed to realign myself to make my next move. The mind block being caused by a multitude of feeling and self-doubt given unknowns. Vanessa helped me realized that I was getting in my own way. She helped me talk through my goals, my vision and craft steps to take me in that direction. Essentially, she helped me gain the clarity and the control I felt I lost. As a bonus she helped me to access an anchor to help me change my mindset in moment where I felt lack of confidence. You see – I’m generally a confident person, more so in my corporate world, but the lack of control over the new dynamic had me questioning my core. Thanks to Vanessa’s approach – I have clarity and control of my mindset and my next steps. Thank you Vanessa!"

Yadi Coto| Director a Top 50 Healthcare Insurance Company

"Before working with Vanessa, I’d never worked with a coach with such vision and empathy. I had more clarity in one session with her than I had in multiple sessions with others. Prior to our session, I was struggling with prioritization and guilt. Since working with her, my work and the way I handle obstacles in my life have been enhanced. I’ve gained so much clarity and I’m able to prioritize what I need to accomplish to reach my goals. Vanessa’s EQ is off the charts. She proposed techniques I hadn’t done before. It was a fresh take on coaching that truly resonated with me and kickstarted my progression. If you’re thinking about working with Vanessa, don’t consider, do it! "

Dacquiri Connors| Head of Vendor Management, Spotify

"Before my time with Vanessa, I was lost and confused as to where I was headed. Vanessa helped me uncover the root cause of what was bothering me and why I wasn’t moving forward. During our session, I received a clear understanding of what I want in my business. I now have the confidence and clarity to move forward. Vanessa was so approachable and made me feel safe, seen, and heard. Working with Vanessa exceeded my expectations, specifically, when we did the anchoring, it was so powerful. Vanessa is a coach everyone should have in their life, she is exceptional!"

Louisse Perez | Louisse Social Media Coaching

"Before my session with Vanessa, I was trying to get situated and organize my work priorities. I was also very preoccupied with a family problem. When working with her, she let me direct the conversation. When I decided to reroute the conversation, it was my choice and not because she steered me there. She did not dwell on what she thought was important, she listened to what I thought was important. For me, that demonstrates that she does not have a canned approach or only a limited ability to deal with only certain types of things; she did not try to fit my problems into her box. 
As a result, I have been able to stop wrestling with what to do with the difficult situation. Freeing up that mental and emotional space allowed me to get back to focusing on my work in the world, rather than expending time dwelling on an unresolved situation. 
Now, I can hold on to the direction I need to go, rather than holding onto a dynamic that was keeping me stuck. It's still an uncomfortable situation I have to work through, but the decisiveness of knowing for certain has freed up my mental space, which is more usefully directed toward my work. 
Vanessa facilitated the space and used techniques that helped me realize what was inhibiting my progress. She knew what I needed in order to move me into a different space. If you’re considering working with Vanessa, do it and go in with an open mind. 
As a result, I have been able to stop wrestling with what to do with the difficult situation. Freeing up that mental and emotional space allowed me to get back to focusing on my work in the world, rather than expending time dwelling on an unresolved situation. 

Rebecca | Consultant

"When I started working with Vanessa, I was feeling really stuck in my business. I thought I had to implement every strategy possible, yet my business wasn’t moving. Vanessa helped me uncover some really big negative beliefs and guided me through the process of shifting them. Vanessa has been a great mentor and friend and has helped me grow in ways I never imagined. She has helped me get really clear on the direction of my business. Vanessa is that coach who is always there, cheering you on, showing her support, and giving you guidance when you need it the most. I would recommend Vanessa in a heartbeat!

Beth Ramirez | Branding + Web Designer (3-Month 1:1 Coaching)

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Vanessa, after one session I couldn’t help myself but want to work with this beautiful human more! Vanessa pays close attention to detail, she is a true professional in what she does, she genuinely cares about her clients transformations and goals. She puts her heart and soul into the incredible shifts for her clients. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Vanessa I highly suggest you take it! She truly does touch lives everyday.

Adriana Foster | Practitioner & Coach (Single Session)

Vanessa is such an empathetic and friendly coach. She's extremely personable and easy to connect with. She led me through a number of NLP techniques and since then I've felt so much more high vibe and ready to go after the achievable outcomes we set together! Hello abundance :) 

Wendy Pu | Business + Mindset Coach

"Before working with Vanessa, I was feeling really discouraged about the direction of my business. I was struggling a lot with self-doubt, and anxiety about my capabilities of being a good leader, and running a successful business. When I learned about Vanessa's Abundance Accelerator program, I knew it was what I needed to in order to work through my fears and frustrations. I decided to take a leap, and it was truly one of the best decisions I have made. Vanessa has a way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, but at the same time lets you know it's time to work."

Jenna S. | Plant-based Lifestyle Coach

"All I can say is, WOW!! Vanessa offered her life coaching services with me, to focus primarily on helping me find my purpose- something I have been all over the map with and very unsure about myself for years. I’m definitely one of those who are "stuck in the rat race" but I know there's more to life than this but I haven't known where to even start. Within our first 1 hour session, she probed into some deep (and in my case, 20-year-old) mental blocks and beliefs that have been preventing me from seeing my potential clearly. Actually, she accomplished this within the first 15 minutes and I was crying by the 20-minute mark! By the end of our first call, she brought me face to face with the realization of how much guilt, shame, unworthiness and fear of failure have been keeping me from even asking myself the simple questions; what are my gifts... what is my purpose?"

Erin Kraham | Mortgage Loan Professional

"When I first started working with Vanessa I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t sure how to move forward. I was a “new” mom and a wife to a wonderful man but at the same time, I felt a bit lost and wasn’t even sure of where I was headed. I was looking to work on myself, get healthier and find new purpose in life. She not only helps with finding myself through my struggles, but she also showed me a new path where I get to feel empowered while working on my best self every single day! I would 100% recommend working with her, she is always open to help you find “that thing” that will make you overcome your insecurities and reinforce your God-given talents."

Thay Vasquez | Online Fitness Coach

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